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Saturday, July 23, 2005


The above picture was taken of our baby blogger when she was working on one of her strip routines. This article has been written in revenge for Firedoglake giving her 2 year old nephew an electric "Wiggles" guitar at Christmas....

A Long Time Ago in a state far far away, the future FIREDOGLAKE was born. After having chosen a brilliant father and an imminently practical mother, Firedoglake became a presence in the family early (age 3) when she got pissed off at Daddy and knocked over all the living room furniture. Said Father knew he either had a future linebacker or an aggressive interior decorator. He made the itty-bitty blogger clean up the mess, thereby causing trauma for the rest of her life. To this day, Firedoglake is house cleaning challenged.

Flash forward a few years and our budding Firedoglake, the darling of the kindergarten, is standing in front of the grade school orchestra conducting "Stars and Stripes Forever" - proof that her political career started early. This information was obtained from Firedoglake's mother, who said "Oh boy did I get sick of that song.....again and again and again" Of course, this performance could not compare with the "I'm a Little Teapot" rendition done by this author a year later.

The family moved to Seattle when Firedoglake was 9, and the years were filled with straight A report cards, swimming teams, gymnastics, and general growing up.

While her teenage years were filled with angst, luckily for the reputation of the rest of the family, the court records remain sealed. Politics, History, Religion, etc. were discussed at the dinner table, and Daddy (the same one mentioned above) would rile Firedoglake just to make her think. Needless to say, she became a brilliant debater. This author learned long ago - don't get into an argument with her - you will lose every time. Either ignore her or bring out the mommy voice - "I DON'T GIVE A DAMN NOW BE QUIET."

After graduating from high school, Firedoglake took off for California and college. She decided to become a writer (dismaying her ever-practical mother), and somewhat surprisingly did not start up her strip routine again (see above picture) in order to make money. She entered film school and coerced her friends (and an innocent 16 year old family member) into making student movies. After busting her ass for 10 years, she hit it big with "Natural Born Killers."

Surprising all of us last year, Firedoglake sold her house in LA and found a place on the Oregon coast, even going so far as to convince the rest of us to join her. She will be returning this fall to that heaven on earth, along with her babies - Katie, Kobe and Lucy.

As Firedoglake enters another year of life, I'm asking family members and friends to support Firedoglake as she deals with her ever-recurring "Oregon Hippy Girl Syndrome."

We love you very much - Grandma, Loren, Pam, Jacob and Russell.