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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Around the Blogoverse

In case you missed it, Digby had a great post on the whole NSA mess and a smackdown of William Kristol at the same time. Bonus!

Via Laura Rozen at War and Piece, the story of how a young man, obsessed with making his first million, got it through a contract to pay people to write positive stories for the US military. If you wondered how the Lincoln Group got its start...

Glenn Greenwald has some great analysis on lawbreaking and the Presidency, including his read-through of the Federalist Society debate on the NSA issue.

And for the comedy starved among us, Attaturk has posted a Year's Best at Rising Hegemon. Mwahahaha.

In case you missed it, John Amato has his appearance on the Ed Schultz show up on Crooks and Liars. Go have a listen! (Plus, some amusing footage from Faux news here.)

Steve Soto has a great piece on Chalabi's fall from the Preznit of the Bushie Fan Club grace in the Iraqi elections.

Scott Lemieux at LG&M has a great round-up of libertarianism, torture and kicking people out of the club. (If that doesn't pique your interest, nothing will.)

As if you need another reason to worship his mastery of the English language, just go read Wolcott.

(One of the many gorgeous shots taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.)