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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Cheney to Founding Fathers:

In an astonishing dump of gall and malarky, Dick Cheney told reporters today that the power of the Presidency has contracted since the era of Vietnam. (Guess he was a pod person during the whole Reagan era or something.) I mean, who needs the other branches of government when the Vice President gets to run the whole show? Oh, wait...erm...what I meant to say is this is a democracy, and of course we welcome everyone's input. Ahem.

Cheney is on the way back from his Middle Eastern tour early, ostensibly because votes are tight in the Senate and he may be needed in his role of Senate President to break a tie.

And how embarassing is it to need VP vote insurance when your own party controls both houses of Congress? Talk about your lame duck status...Daffy Duck is looking competent compared to this bunch of assclowns.

The WH has version 2.0 going on their legal authority to trample on the Constitution and the principles advanced in the founding of this nation. New version same as the old version. Here's a thought: try respecting the law before you act, then you don't have to worry about being prosecuted for breaking it.

And for everyone who has written me to ask about the differences in the leaking of this material and, say, Valerie Wilson's NOC status: all of these leaks need to be investigated thoroughly. Period. But there is a vast difference between (1) a whistleblower exposing the cover-up of illegal activity on the part of a governmental or corporate actor for the purpose of advancing the public interest and/or seeking prosecution for a crime and (2) the releasing of highly classified information specifically to damage someone as a means of political payback. The law protects the former and punishes the latter (in most cases, it's not absolute). Only an investigation into the facts of each case can determine which description applies -- and the punishment on all sides of the issue should be administered according to the law.

That goes for ALL lawbreakers, be they a leaker or a Chief Executive. No one, not the President or Vice President, is above the law. Period. The sooner we all agree on that point, the better for the entire nation.

(Image via BushFlash.)