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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Coal In His Stocking?

The latest ruling in the Delay case is in -- and things don't look great for The Bugman. According to the WaPo, the felony money laundering charge stands, dashing Delay's hopes of regaining his leadership position before the New Year.

Because there's nothing better in your leadership than damaged goods with the possibility of more indictments hanging over his head. Erm...what does Delay have on the whole of the Republican caucus that he thought would force him back into power, anyway, after all of this? Especially with the Abramoff investigation closing in on his KStreet machine?

But back to Texas. It sounds like Judge Priest thinks the money laundering charge has some meat to it.
If the state can prove that "these defendants entered into [such] an agreement . . . then they will have established that money was laundered. The money would have become 'dirty money' at the point that it began to be held with prohibited intent," Priest wrote in his decision, which he posted on his Web site and filed with the court clerk in late afternoon.
Delay is being told that he has until January to clear this mess up (not gonna happen) or there will likely be an election to permanently replace his leadership position (et tu Blunt?)

Oh, and the final lump of coal for Tommy Boy? He's currently polling at 36% in his district for re-election. I do believe in Santa. I do. I do.

[And a personal big thanks to Jane for the fabu (and exhausting) job of blogging alone while I was on my trip. It's awfully good to be back.]