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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Culture of Corruption

Doesn't it seem lately that the Republican Party has issued some sort of directive asking its membership and people in leadership positions to skate as close to the line as possible, the hell with the consequences if they go over the line entirely so long as it benefits the party?

What happened to that grand "Contract with America," where Newt Gingrich and his merry band of dwarves were going to sweep out the "culture of corruption" in Washington and restore ethics and dignity? Well, that's been thrown into the mud while all the GOP hogs trample each other on the way to the trough, now, hasn't it?

-- Bloomberg is reporting this morning that the Abramoff case is about to split wide open. From my perspective, prosecutors have Abramoff in a good spot for negotiations, with his top deputies Scanlon and Kidan having already reached plea deals and rumors that a number of lawmakers, including Bob Ney of Ohio, also talking with the DoJ.

-- There is more on the DoJ Civil Rights division today as well -- and how the political appointees at Justice have been keeping their thumb on the career prosecutors. We've talked about this before here, but it is well worth keeping an eye on how this resolves -- and keeping the public pressure on Gonzales and company.

-- Oh, and we're still hiding prisoners from the Red Cross. Just call us the pinnacle of human rights...or not so much these days. Great way to win friends and influence people around the globe, by refusing to provide transparency and open justice.

-- And it isn't just those of us at FDL who have noticed. Take a peek at this from the Times UK online. Yep, well respected around the world.

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