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Sunday, December 18, 2005

DeLay Delayed

Tom Delay's request for a speedy trial has hit a snag. Seems the dismissal of that single conspiracy count is being appealed -- and the trial judge isn't moving forward until the Texas Supremes make their ruling.

The challenge on the grand jury proceedings is on hold, as well as the hearing on a request to separate the charges for trial.

The House Republican leadership has already pushed back the date of return to very late in January in an attempt to give DeLay time to dispose of all these proceedings. With his trial pushed further into the calendar year, things aren't looking good for DeLay's bid to re-take his leadership role. That sound you here is Missouri Rep. Blunt pulling a Mr. Burns...yesssss.

Until things are settled, though, Delay's delay leaves him smelling like rotten fish in the middle of the entire Republican congressional ethics cesspool. He's just a steadily shrinking fish in the pond these days -- but the smell is sure to leak out into the entire 2006 election pool if he keeps this up. Couldn't happen to a more deserving indictee.