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Friday, December 09, 2005


This is exactly why the FBI and CIA agents who do interrogations argue that torture doesn't work. But worse, as Doug Jehl lays out in the NYTimes today, the Administration knew all along that the information was based on statements from a man who was fabricating information to make the torture stop -- and they made the case for war to the public using those very statements anyway.

Britain has rejected any testimony for any case that uses information obtained using torture techniques. Meanwhile, Condi Rice continues her "it's not torture, it's just really, really, really harsh interrogation" -- so much so, that we aren't allowing the Red Cross access to all of our prisoners. (And isn't that behavior going to come in mighty handy next time an American soldier or diplomat is held by some nasty foreign power?)

The Guardian UK has more. And now I have to take some migraine meds...this is giving me a massive headache.

UPDATE: Oh, and I heart Atrios.

UPDATE #2: CNN's Ed Henry is reporting that a deal has been reached between McCain, the WH (via Hadley) and the House on the Anti-Torture Amendment. And that McCain's initial version will be ratified as early as Monday. Interesting, and no word on any Cheney/Rumsfeld reaction to this development as yet. Sundays talking heads shows could get even more interesting...if there is actually some in-depth questioning and follow-up.