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Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Emperor Has No...Audience

Via the fine folks at Think Progress, it turns out that the Council on Foreign Relations had trouble filling seats for the Preznit's speech there yesterday. And that empty seats in the back of the room had to be hastily removed prior to the start of the speech on television. Funny, I don't recall reporting on that yesterday.

Hmmmm...guess the MSM doesn't find the fact that the rank and file membership of a nonpartisan think tank refusing to show up en masse to a Presidential speech --perhaps in protest or disgust at Bushie's refusal to take any questions whatsoever in contravention of the organization's usual protocols -- newsworthy.

Well, I sure do. Good on ya, CFR membership. And Bushie? Try having an actual policy instead of just pretending. I find it makes you a whole helluva lot more credible with people who use their brains for a living.

UPDATE: Froomkin has an exceptional column up today. Great read.

Also, Forbes is reporting (along with CNN) that Fitz spent more than an hour with Vivak at her attorney's office this morning. Along with a court reporter, which would support the possibility of things being under oath, if definitely transcribed fully. No comments as anyone was leaving (via cab -- any cabbies out there want to spill, e-mail me!).