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Friday, December 16, 2005

Erm...Yeah...Completely Believable...

Roy Blunt, acting Majority Leader for the House, sent his spokeswoman out to say that the House wasn't timing its return date for late January to help Tom Delay. Erm...yeah. Totally believeable.

At least the Democrats picked up on the Preznit's jury tampering comments appearance with Brit Hume. And called him on it publicly.

Meanwhile, all those incredibly well-trained Iraqi police forces? Seems they did capture Zarqawi after all but...oops...let him go again because they didn't recognize him. So much for the man having his face on posters attached to every telephone poll in town.

There is so much information to sift through on the NSA spying revelations in the NYTimes, that I'm only briefly going to mention them.

Will be diving into the FISA issues and others this weekend when I have time to do it in more depth, but I wanted to share with you a concern I received from a former National Security Advisor, Anthony Lake. He told me that "this pushes to or beyond the limits for the NSA's mandate and it raises serious Fourth Amendment concerns." To say that the intelligence community and thoughtful members of Congress have concerns is understating it. And it hasn't just been Democrats that have voiced these concerns, either.

It is one thing to push the envelope on a specific threat and later seek appropriate oversight. It is another thing entirely to attempt to bypass oversight so that you can do as you please, when you please. Which is exactly why our system was set up with checks and balances in the first place. But FISA is dense, and requires more time for review than I have had today, so I am hoping to get to something in more depth this weekend.

While I finish my research on all of this, the WaPo did a decent summary on the issue as well today. As did TalkLeft.

And Jack Cafferty on CNN has a great rant today on this Administration -- "You want to invade people's civil liberties without even considering the legal consequences? Just do it. Who cares about the accuracy of WMD intelligence. You want to invade Iraq? Just do it. What a joke." Sometimes even a curmudgeon hits one out of the park.

UPDATE: Forgot to add this -- that whole "Congress saw the same intelligence I did" excuse from Bushie? Not true.

UPDATE #2: Larry Johnson has a great article up on the NSA revelations and their relationship to John Bolton's stalled confirmation hearings. File this in the "Things that make you go hmmmmm...." category. (Hat tip to Rayne.)