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Friday, December 30, 2005

The Golden Crony Is Here

Well, it's been a heckuva year, hasn't it? Jane and I were talking on the phone this evening, and debating who ought to win a Golden Crony this year -- but there are so many options. And with an award this important to the Administration...well, you can see our dilemma.

So we've decided to take it to the public. Who will it be?

Should it go to "Heckuva Job" Brownie? Or Harriet "You are such a smart man." Miers? Or Karl "I didn't tell any reporter her name, Mrs. Flame Plame Wilson" Rove? Or Karen "Bigfoot her way around the White House" Hughes? Or Scotty "I never met a dodge I couldn't weave" McClellan?

Or is there some unsung crony out there that cries out in the crony wilderness for your support? Who will you champion to win? Who will be crowned the Crony King or Queen?

(Stop laughing. This is important, dammit.)

We'll take nominations, and arguments for or against, in this thread, and will announce the winner of the Golden Crony some time this weekend.

It's our New Year's treat for all the FDL-ers out there. We can all sit back and re-live the Administration crap and unbelievable incompetence foisted on us by these back-patting morons *cough* good times as we discuss who among all the stellar leaders in the Bushie universe -- who among them has earned the Golden Crony for 2005.

Let the nominations begin. May the best crony win.