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Friday, December 30, 2005

Guess Who?

Guess who has been put in charge of the Iraqi Oil Ministry, only days after he was soundly trounced in the latest round of Iraqi elections? Hint: It's not the US First Lady. Look over her right shoulder to see the newly-appointed fox in the Iraqi Oil Ministry henhouse.

Let's see: the Iraqi people so mistrust our dear Ahmed that only his friends and family vote for him, yet he's put in charge of the Oil Ministry? Hmmmm...wonder how that happened? (snark intended)

(Hat tip to reader Wilson for the link. Photo from the 2004 State of the Union Address. Guess it is all who you know when they pass out the good seats.)

UPDATE: More breaking news -- the DoJ will be investigating the NSA leak to the NYTimes. Strange how they are only starting the investigation now, a year after the Administration knew NYTimes was working the story. Can you say retaliation for this going public and making Bushie look bad? I mean, honestly, if they had been serious about getting to the bottom of the leak, wouldn't they have started looking into it a year ago when the WH started pressuring the NYTimes to keep the story under wraps? The closer to the leak you start the investigation, the better in terms of tracking down the leak. I'm just sayin'.

UPDATE #2: More on the "kicked into high gear now that the Preznit's knickers are in a twist, after knowing for more than a year they needed to get going" DoJ investigation into the NSA leak from MSNBC and the AP (via the NYTimes). (Hat tip to the many readers who sent me links on the updates.)