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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Happy Birthday, Fitz

To Rover, Bushie, Big Dick, and all the rest of the crony crew:

It's the integrity, stupid.

And even though it's not Fitz, the good elves at the Department of Justice Public Corruption unit are working hard this holiday season as well. Jack Abramoff may have a plea deal in place for the holidays, all tied up in a neat little bow, according to the NYTimes.

What does that mean, in terms of jail time and cooperation testimony? That's still being ironed out, although the information being floated to the press includes a reduced jail sentence in exchange for some substantial testimony against his associates. And the NYTimes reports that the deal is being worked out between Abramoff and prosecutors in both Miami and Washington, D.C.
...[P]rosecutors in Washington have been sifting through evidence of what they believe is a corruption scheme involving at least a dozen lawmakers and their former staff members, many of whom worked closely on legislation with Mr. Abramoff and accepted gifts and favors from him.
Suddenly, the holidays aren't look so merry and bright for a whole lot of folks who were feeding at the trough. If it could only include some names like DeLay, Reed, and Norquist, along with the Ney that we already know, my Christmas could get a whole lot merrier. Here's hoping.

Santa Fitzie, put a present under the tree,
for me.
I've been an awfully good girl.
Santa Fitzie, give me some indictments this year.

UPDATE: The AP (via CNN) and Josh Marshall have more.