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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

He's Baaaaack

Guess who? Fitzy is back before the grand jury today, along with several deputies and lots of briefcases full of material, according to the WaPo and CNN.

No news as yet whether testimony will be presented today (NOTE: And when I say testimony here, I mean from witnesses other than Fitz and deputies and investigators.), but we'll certainly update as we learn anything. In the meantime, check your popcorn supply -- it could be a banner week.
Fitzgerald, accompanied by several deputies seen carrying files as they walked into the grand jury area of the courthouse, made no comment to reporters about the nature of his visit.
Oh, and if you live in the D.C. area, just a warning: antiacids may be in short supply for a while. Mwee hee.

UPDATE: Hat tip to reader Wilson for the link to this NY Observer piece on Vivak, Luskin and Time's management of sources. Interesting stuff.

UPDATE #2: And isn't this interesting? No idea how much weight to put on this since the article notes that the WH and Commerce Department is confirming nothing at this point and it appears based on a single "source close to Ralston", but the timing of this article (if it is correct) is quite intriguing. Seems that the Philippine News online is reporting that Susan Ralston has left Rove's office due to *cough* too much pressure. Hmmmm....would that be from the Abramoff investigation or the Traitorgate one? (Hat tip to reader Carrie for the link.)