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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Moral Low Ground

Lately, it's been one story after another on political corruption accusations, rumors of indictments, actual indictments, and plea deals among the GOP elites. It's getting so a girl can't keep up with the slime -- so I'm offering some hip waders and a primer for the less initiated among us. Wade in.

-- Have I mentioned that Fitz is back in front of a grand jury with his deputies and investigators on the Traitorgate mess today? Oh yeah, I did. The New York Times is reporting that Fitz and company spent almost three hours with the grand jury today. Oh, and that Rover and Bushie appear to have patched things up and made nice -- at least so long as the Preznit needs his brain to get past the low poll numbers (or until he's indicted, anyway).

-- Duke Cunningham looks like he isn't the only hog at the trough of defense contractor dollars. Ellen Miller has a list up at TPM Cafe. Josh Marshall is, of course, all over this story. Hello, Duncan Hunter, John Doolittle, Tom Delay, how's the weather? Enjoy it while you can.

-- Speaking of Tommy Boy, House Republican leadership types are leaving his job open in case his money laundering charges evaporate before January 31st. Hmmm...nothing better than a majority leader with multiple criminal investigations and an indictment hanging over his head.

-- Voting machines are back in the news again. Here's hoping for some action with teeth in it, instead of the usual gumming up the political works with spin and baloney.

-- Robert Scheer has a great summary of all the corruption sewer of the Abramoff mess in his SFChronicle editorial. Well worth a read.

-- And speaking of excellent reads, if you miss this Wolcott gem, you'll be sorry. Go and read it.

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