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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Next Time, Try Catered Lunch

Guess the Libby defense team won't be eating at Cafe Phillips again any time soon. According to the WaPo, some savvy lunchers recognized Scooter and his legal team and overheard some strategery they were discussing in the crowded eatery.
Libby -- the former veep aide indicted in the Valerie Plame leak investigation, the most closely shrouded federal prosecution in recent years -- was at the next table, she said, while his defense attorneys, Ted Wells and William Jeffress, had a loud and "lively discussion" about matters such as who will draft discovery letters and petitions. She heard Wells say he hopes Karl Rove will not be indicted because he fears the press coverage would complicate Libby's defense. Jeffress, meanwhile, speculated that Time's Viveca Novak could be the next reporter to lose her job because of the probe.

The only time the group showed concern about potential eavesdroppers was when Wells uttered "Scooter!" -- then "they all froze," our spy said. (Libby, looking "thinner and paler" these days, drank a diet Dr Pepper and bought cookies on the way out.)
Guess Scooter isn't looking thinner because he's doing South Beach with that cookie buy on the way out, but I'd bet he and his team will be ordering in next time they have a meeting. Conference room for three?

UPDATE: And just so we're clear, if you were hanging out in Cafe Phillips and overheard the Scooter and his Attorneys luncheon extravaganza, and you are dying to dish with a willing listener, e-mail me. I'm ALL ears.