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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

No Grand Jury Today: MSNBC Says

David Shuster reported on MSNBC on Dan Abrams show at 4:35 pm ET that they were informed yesterday eveing that the G/J was prepared to meet today with Patrick Fitzgerald. But as of today, Fitzgerald was not at the courthouse today, neither were the members of the G/J. Additionally, this is a period of high anxiety for the Rove side of things, according to Shuster.

Dan Abrams then spoke with Byron York of the National Review and Ryan Lizza of The New Republic regarding their take on the situation. Neither said anything truly substantial, other than thinking that Fitz is up to something. Well, duh.

In any case, according to MSNBC anyway, there was no meeting of Fitz with the Grand Jury today.

(Photo from Media Bistro.)