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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Nope, No Cronyism Here...

Haley Barbour's relatives secured some of those no-bid contracts awarded in Katrina's wake in the Gulf Coast. A whole lotta contracts.
...$6.4 million in contracts received by her company, Alcatec L.L.C., have also elicited questions about possible favoritism....According to a review of federal contracts awarded since Hurricane Katrina, her company ranks seventh in total contracts out of 88 Mississippi-based concerns that have received deals worth $100,000 or more.
The most valuable of these contracts was awarded in September and October when the government was handing out candy-coated no-bid contracts to its pals.

Both Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour and his niece-in-law say that their family relationship, Gov. Barbour's former RNC chairmanship, and their connections to the Administration's GOP hierarchy had nothing to do with her shower contracts whatsoever -- especially those plum, no-bid ones. (Wonder if Harriet vetted the contracts for the WH?) Nope, no cronyism here.

UPDATE: Oh, and what is Barbour doing today? He's on the Hill, according to an update from CNN, complaining about money being stuck in Congress for reconstruction efforts in the Gulf Coast. Last I checked, Republicans were in charge of both Houses of Congress and the White House -- guess the reconstruction efforts got stuck in the same in box as the failing grade requests for updates after 9/11. Oh yeah, I'm feeling loads safer. *snerk*

UPDATE #2: For those who have been following the Murtha story, Cong. Murtha will be providing a Democratic response to the Preznit's CFR speech -- CNN reports that the Murtha response will occur around 1:30 pm ET.