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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Not Enough Tears in the Whole World

The WaPo has an exceptional piece in today's paper regarding the challenges facing New Orleans in the rebuilding, and the daunting issues facing those residents who are considering whether or not to return.
"I think these people in exile will hold out, hoping to return, longer than residents of any other city might," said Frey, adding, though, that there are limits. "Once they get a year down the road, and they still can't come back, I would say the chances of return fall sharply."
There are so many considerations and factors tied into all of these decisions: political, economic, power, and personal. For these families, the decisions are not easy ones. And they will not be made quickly, because the levees, the mold, and the destruction still pose substantial problems.

As the rest of the nation has moved forward from the haunting images of Katrina's immediate aftermath, New Orleans and the Gulf Coast have had to wake up to the destruction day after day. Don't let them think that the rest of us have forgotten them.