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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Oh man! It's the Mean Jean Smackdown by the DNC!

ROTFLMAO!!! (Via Crooks and Liars.)

Oh, and Byron York got back to me yesterday and said he intended only the conversations which had previously been reported in the WaPo between Libby and Woodward, and NOT that Libby was THE source. Guess it is still a mystery on the right side of the aisle, too. (Or at least so far as anyone is willing to tell me, anyway.)

Also, Newsday has a report on the Novak speech, saying that Novak "thought the speech was off the record." But the Locke Foundation says otherwise. (And has a report up on the whole speech here. Hat tip to Tom Maguire for the link.) Did Novak really think it was off the record, or is that just his excuse because he had one to many gibsons with a sodium pentathol chaser before speaking?

UPDATE: Froomkin picked up on the same "we only comment when it suits us" hypocrisy from the WH, and has several links to articles along the same lines. Interesting -- blatant hypocrisy may not be selling so well. At least not on Traitorgate. (Not holding my breath on that just yet, but it's a nice moment anyway.)