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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Oh Yeah. Completely Logical.

What do you call a political party that thinks postage for a Presidential cat's fan club requires a full-on Congressional investigation, but a President who admits on national television to breaking Federal law, repeatedly, only merits some committee "oversight," and spotty oversight at that?


I am ashamed to say that I had forgotten Dan Burton's foray into "Socks-gate." And by the way, there was absolutely no substance to the fan club postage investigation, and Barbara Bush's dog Millie had a fan club, too. Maybe Burton's pet was jealous or something, or Dan Burton just had too much free time back then.

But it does create a vivid contrast in reaction from Republicans these days, doesn't it? Hmmmm...let's see: misrepresent intelligence to Congress and the American public to get us into the Iraq war; out a CIA NOC for political payback; misrepresent war costs once we are there, so that Congress has to continually appropriate millions billions; spy on the American public without warrants, violating the Fourth Amendment and the Presidential requirements of Article II of the Constitution requiring the President to faithfully follow all laws and the FISA laws as established by Congress; and...well, there's more, but we all know that.

Clearly that cat fanclub thing was way more important than actual, publicly admitted lawbreaking.

(Huge hat tip to the Pensito Review for this story. A huge thank you to Pam's House Blend for the heads up on this.)