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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Shocked by Gambling in the Casino?

William Arkin reports on his Early Warning blog that the Pentagon will be conducting an internal review of allegations of domestic spying by CIFA.
In other words, all of the compilation of material, and all of the rules about domestic spying, indicate that the military should focus its limited resources and attention elsewhere. But that would actually take someone saying 'knock it off' and that hasn't happened and likely won't happen in this crazy post-9/11 world where even our "homeland" is considered a foreign country by the intelligence community and the military.
Arkin has covered this issue the last two days, and the posts are worth a read.

A number of bloggers have noticed CIFA checking in on their posts in the past few months (because, you know, people at home in their sweatpants drinking way too much coffee and trying to, say, keep their toddler from smearing yogurt on the dachshund while chatting about separation of powers issues are so threatening...I'm just saying), so this has not just been limited to potential terrorist threats or Quaker peace meetings. Given the House passage of renewal of the Patriot Act yesterday, it's a good time to discuss how you feel about all of this with your Senator.

UPDATE: And here's a piece of cheery news: A big congrats to TalkLeft for hitting 10 million visitors today. Great milestone for a great blog.