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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Some Great Overlooked Reads

There are several fantastic pieces out today, on fairly disparate topics, that I wanted to point out before the newswires start buzzing with more Traitorgate news and spin cycles. All of these are worthy of a thorough read and some serious discussion. Just the sort of evening fodder for this crowd.

-- Glenn Greenwald has a well-researched piece on the public commentary made by this Administration versus the public commentary made by government figures during the Vietnam War. It's an eerie read.

-- In the WaPo, William Arkin's Early Warning blog continues to be an exceptional and thought-provoking read. Today's topic on US torture policies, Condi's European trip and the non-oversight and non-discussion before the fact is intriguing and difficult -- and well worth some serious discussion.

-- Also in the WaPo, David Broder has a scorching op-ed regarding what passes as ethics in the House of Representatives these days.

-- For some insight on why those ethics issues may exist, take a peek at this TPM Cafe post.

-- A compromise on the Patriot Act may have been reached. Jeralyn has more.

-- Oh, and Tom Delay? He's having a very bad day according to the AP.

UPDATE: Missed this one, it's a heartbreaking report from All Things Considered (audio) via Roger Ailes blog.