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Saturday, December 24, 2005

We Don't Want No Stinking Oversight

An anonymous Senate Republican has placed a hold on the Intelligence Authorization bill because two amendments calling for increased oversight of Bush Administration policies were added to the budget authorization. The amendments called for oversight of the "black prison" issues and for more detailed information on the array of intelligence which was available to the Adminsitration prior to the start of the Iraq War.

According to the WaPo, Intelligence Committee Chair Pat Roberts had initially agreed to both provisions prior to the bill making its way to the floor of the Senate. But the Republican leadership then took back the agreement and refused to allow the bill to go forward with both oversight provisions attached.

Sounds to me like the Administration doesn't want any oversight. And their Republican pals in Congress are only too happy to try and prevent it as well. Too bad issues like "are we torturing people illegally in other countrie to avoid prosecution at home" or "did the Administration tell us the entire truth before we committed our soldiers to battle, where so many of them have lost their lives and been injured" just aren't questions Republicans want answered.

What else have they got to hide?

(Photo from The Hill.)