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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Alito Through to Senate

By a vote of 10 Republicans for to 8 Democrats against, Judge Alito's nomination for the Supreme Court moves to the whole of the Senate.

(Cartoon by Drew Sheneman, New Jersey -- The Newark Star Ledger.)

UPDATE: For a transcript of all the hearing testimony today, you can read it here. Sorry, but my toddler has been sleeping fitfully, so I haven't gotten to summaries. Here's my short take: Republicans are all positive about him, Tom Coburn is glad that Alito appears to like fetuses, and the Democrats are all unhappy, pessimistic and disgusted (not to mention the mood of the Dems who are actually on the committee).

The AP has its report up here (via WaPo). The NYTimes has its report here.

And Harry Reid is kicking ass and taking names here. (Yeah, I needed something cheery, too.)

UPDATE #2: I'll be a guest on The Majority Report on Air America Radio this evening at around 7:45 pm ET. If you don't have an Air America station in your area, you can listen to the internet feed here. We'll be discussing Alito.