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Monday, January 16, 2006

Bailing Out Bushie...Again

How much incompetence can one economy take? Looks like we are going to find out, sooner or later if we keep pouring money into our Iraqi adventure and oil prices keep going up and the economy...well, you get the picture.

But how much incompetence can an already vulnerable portion of the nation's elderly take? We're about to find that out as well, if things keep going the way they have been with the current incarnation of the federal Medicare prescription plan.

Lest anyone think this is some trumped-up Democratic finger-pointing ploy -- think again.
The concern was bipartisan. Senator Judd Gregg, Republican of New Hampshire, said many people had been "turned away at their pharmacies or told that they must purchase the drugs up front and seek reimbursement later."

"These are very vulnerable people who do not have the means to pay for their prescriptions and who cannot go without their medications," Mr. Gregg said.
Incomptence is bad enough. But when it starts to threaten lives of our nation's elderly because the piss poor planning failed to consider even the most obvious immediate needs and substantial potential for harm if the planning wasn't done properly, it ought to raise the hackles of everyone no matter their political persuasion.

And I ask myself: if the Bush Administration and their cronies in Congress can't handle the implementation of a simple drug distribution plan where the infrastructure for drug production and distribution was already long in place, how is it that we can be confident in any of their so-called Homeland Security planning? The Katrina response looks more and more like the norm, doesn't it?

Got competence?