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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Danger Ahead

Well, it seems we aren't just outsourcing jobs. We're also outsourcing torture, according to the TimesUKOnline. While not surprising, given the previous revelations about secret detention centers in Europe and Southeast Asia, and all the rendition issues that have been revealed over the last few years, the fact that the Europeans have been tracking CIA flights and are now determining flight patterns to zero in on potential secret prison locations is some news.
Secret detention centres would violate European human rights treaties. Mr Marty also told the parliamentary assembly that he had obtained only yesterday flight logs archived by the Brussels-based air safety organization Eurocontrol so he could determine flight patterns of several dozen suspected CIA planes....

"On the other hand, it has been proved that individuals have been abducted, deprived of their liberty and all rights and transported to different destinations in Europe, to be handed over to countries in which they have suffered degrading treatment and torture," Mr Marty said, adding that if eventually uncovered, the detention centres would probably be very small cells that would be easily hidden.
Bob Geiger has a take on the recent Rove speech to the RNC -- and a possible Democratic strategy to combat the lies and straw men of which Rove is so fond. It's called truth -- hey, what a novel concept! Go Bob! (All snark aside, wouldn't it be nice if the news truth squadded stuff before they broadcast it?)

Seriously, though, Bob's ideas deserve some discussion. A strategy that puts Democrats on the same page on the talking head shows, in media interviews, and elsewhere would be a welcome change after the last couple of weeks of all over the map-i-tude.

Here's my contribution. Dems repeat after me:
The President is not above the law -- he is an elected official, not a King. We have protected the American people from the threat of communism and Nazi fascism without throwing out our Constitution. George Bush does not get the luxury of acting outside the law -- it's called committing a felony, and any other citizen in this nation would be arrested for it. The President owes all of us an explanation as to why he broke the law, and I'm still waiting to hear something that isn't just some weasly excuse.

I'm certain the American public can agree that some terrorists hiding in a cave in Afghanistan or Pakistan do not pose the same threat as nuclear weapons pointed at us from the Soviets did -- this is not a nation under martial law, and the President would do well to remember that. Patriots obey the law, they respect the Founders and our Constitution. Kings do as they please.

The United States not supposed to be governed by a King -- even if the Republican party won't stand up for what is right for this country, Democrats will -- with every last one of us fighting to save our Constitution from the threat of tyranny.
Oh, and Karl? Nice try at the RNC. But the Sun Tzu strength from weakness bluff isn't working for me. Try playing poker with someone who can't read your tells. That was a speech that eminated from a deep and abiding fear about the 2006 elections -- bribery, corruption, incompetence, cronyism...that's only a partial descriptive list of Republican lawmakers (okay, and a good campaign slogan for that guy running against Ralph Reed, but I digress...), and I haven't even mentioned Fitz yet, have I?

I'm not buying your "we're such he-men" act, Karl. It's wearing thin, and only your cronies are clapping. If I have anything to do with it, the Dems are going to find their spines and kick your ass. Get ready -- because I'm not alone in this.