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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Door Wide Open

The WaPo appears to be getting part of the message today, and announces that Alito left the door open for reversing Roe. Well, duh. But it's nice of them to notice.

Especially since the NYTimes is blaming Democrats for Mrs. Alito's sobfest -- never mind that Republican Lindsey Graham was the one making her cry.

It was an old trial attorney trick that Graham pulled out of his briefcase yesterday, and the NYTimes and the teevee media are lapping it up. Suckers.

The trick goes like this: when you have bad information about a witness who will be testifying for your side at trial, you get out in front with the information by bringing it out yourself rather than let the other side pull it out. That way, when the other side gets around to it, the bad stuff seems like old news.

You know -- the fact that CAP was a bigoted, white boys only club, kind of organization. The kind of group that thought it was appropriate to call a female student's mother to inform her that her Catholic daughter was using about respecting privacy rights and individual freedoms. Hoo boy!

And that Alito was a proud, job-application-bragging member -- despite his ROTC protestations to the contrary, the facts on that score just don't add up. Republicans know that the facts, if they get traction, pose a problem -- hence, the bigot maneuver.

The Today Show fell for it hook, line and Kleenex this morning with their "Have Democrats Gone Too Far?" reporting. Incompetent saps. Here's a clue: Lindsey Graham is a RE.PUB.LI.CAN. (Wolcott calls baloney. Or maybe just canned ham.)

The hearings start this morning at 9:30 am ET -- and should include Senators questioning Alito, along with the first round of witnesses. Witnesses like the very special Peter Kirsanow, coming soon to a Muslim internment camp near you -- a man who told an Arab-American group in July, 2002, that if another terrorist attack occurred involving Islamic militants, the Muslim-Americans "could forget about civil rights." Nice friends, Sammy.

But do Republicans on the Committee support a full and fair hearing of all sides of things? Guess not, if their treatment of Cathy Fleming is any example. Sen. Brownback initially had her on his witness list -- until he found out that she had critical things to say about Alito. She was uninvited at that point.

Guess the Republicans are hoping for that homey, hand-picked Presidential Kool-Aid style for the hearings -- no dissent is good dissent, I always say. (Oh wait, no I don't. That's Bushie's department.)

(Photo by John David Geery. Some lovely photos, some available for purchase -- take a peek.)

NOTE FROM RH: My toddler has hit the Alito hearings wall this morning. Am Tivo-ing the hearings to do highlights, but am unable to do play-by-play at the moment. Leah at Correntewire is doing play-by-play this morning, and I'll be following along with her narrative and doing some comments here until I can switch over to C-Span from my current viewing of Veggie Tales. Sorry, but toddler happiness has to trump unitary executive theory for the moment. But I'll likely get back to C-Span soon, so it may only be a short blip.