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Saturday, January 07, 2006

...Not As I Do

George Bush, Press Conference, October 11, 2001:
PRESIDENT BUSH: Of course. But our ability to affect host nations harboring terrorists will depend upon our determination, our will, our patience. We are sending a signal to the world as we speak that if you harbor a terrorist, there will be a price to pay. (emphasis mine)
And just so no one gets the idea that I'm playing gotcha with a single snippet, here's the Preznit a few years later, along the same theme, this time addressing the United Nations General Assembly, September 24, 2004:
Eventually, there is no safe isolation from terror networks, or failed states that shelter them, or outlaw regimes, or weapons of mass destruction. Eventually, there is no safety in looking away, seeking the quiet life by ignoring the struggles and oppression of others. (emphasis mine)
So, the President has made it quite clear that he considers nations which harbor terrorists to be "outlaws," in these statements and many, many others. I think that's a fair statement, don't you?

So, explain this:
The U.S. government will decide by Jan. 24 whether to free Cuban exile militant Luis Posada Carriles from an immigration facility in El Paso and allow him to stay in the country under supervision.
For those not familiar with Posada Carriles, he was involved in some of the Reagan-era Iran-Contra and other activities, and was reportedly trained by the CIA to do...erm...things they wish he wouldn't talk about publicly.

Stuff like coordinating a unit that planted bombs in restaurants and other locations around Havana, Cuba -- on one occasion killing an Italian tourist along with a number of Cuban civilians. And planting explosives that downed a Cuban passenger plane, killing 73 passengers on board. (Something that Carilles bragged about in his own book.) And Operation Condor, including the Orlando Letelier murder that occurred in Washington, DC -- you know, a murder on US soil. Among many, many other things.

So much for the whole "if you harbor terrorists, you are our enemy" thing. Do as we say, not as we do -- this Administration sets a whole new standard for hypocrisy every day, don't they?

For more on this issue, see and NarcoNews. A decision has not yet been made on releasing Carriles under supervision into the United States.

(Huge hat tip to reader plukasiak for the link.)