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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cheney To Be Interviewed by Hume on Fox This Afternoon

As we reported earlier via a report on MSNBC, Dick Cheney is ready to break his silence on the shooting.

Fox News reports that Brit Hume will interview Dick Cheney today. They will be showing clips from the interview throughout the day, with the full interview to air around 2:00 pm ET on Faux News.

More on this as we get it. Expect some really tough questions from Brit Hume. (Oh, yeah, good one.)

(Hat tip to reader Maggie for the heads up. Thanks!)

UPDATE: Faux News now reporting that excerpts of the interview will air at 2:00 pm ET, with the full interview to air at 6:00 pm ET.
This says to me that they are doing the interview this morning, and will be slicing up the raw footage into a favorable interview piece fo the Veep. Wouldn't it be nice to see what the live interview actually said? Guess we'll never know, because Faux isn't going to just run a live clip, are they?

UPDATE #2: Fox now spinning the interview as Cheney has to get the information out, according to their WH correspondent Molly Hannenberg, so that he won't eclipse the President's major health care speech later this afternoon. (Yeah. Good one.)

VP also concerned about Whittington's health, so out of abundance of caution, the VP delayed telling the media about it until Sunday. (Because, you know, it had nothing to do with getting stories straight, or because Dick has a penchant for keeping everything secretly.) Says that because he's eclipsing the President, he's making comments on the shooting.

Great remorse, that. Nice to know that the political calculations are first and foremost in everyone's mind at the WH and the Veep's staff.

NOTE: Chertoff now testifying live to Senate Committee. Am not finding it on C-Span I or II as yet. But cable news networks are carrying his opening statement live at the moment. Will update when I get more.

PERSONAL NOTE: Holy crap -- I've been nominated for a Koufax for Best Writing. Completely speechless, and so honored to be mentioned in the same breath as Digby, Wolcott and Arthur (and so many other phenominal writers). Whoa.

UPDATE #3: For a good feel for how Fox has been covering this story, take a peek at this from Kos. From Neil Cavuto: "Hunting Accident Controversy: How Is VP Cheney Feelings?" Nevermind that the victim has had a heart attack and is back in the ICU...expecting some serious nerf ball questions from Hume in today's interview? You betcha. (Although, as several readers have pointed out in the comments and via e-mails to me, if he hits the Veep pretty hard, one has to wonder if Karl and the GOP are planning on using Hume to pitch Cheney further under the bus. To be continued...)

UPDATE #4: Fox's Hannenberg now spinning on Fox that Vice President's rarely do press conferences, but instead do interviews, hence the sit-down with Brit Hume. Well, given that this is the first Vice President to shoot someone since Aaron Burr, the usual rules aren't exactly applicable, are they? Nothing like a little message modification after the first pass at "protecting the President's PR flank" didn't fly as well as they had hoped, now is there? (Yes, I am still forcing myself to watch Fox News. Only for you guys...)