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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Daou of Blogs

Peter Daou has a fantastic piece up today on the value of progressive blogs as a voice in the wilderness for liberal thought, critique and analysis. It's a must read, and something I'd like to build on in the weeks ahead.

First of all, and this was a thrill for me, Peter counts FDL among the bigs in his listing, so thanks to him. The high level of quality content, day in and day out, of the blogs on our blogroll never ceases to amaze me. Let alone the gift that we are given by our exceptional commenters every single day here. So thank you, I just can't say that enough.

And Peter correctly credits Digby and Glenn Greenwald for a couple of posts that have had me thinking as well over the last few weeks.
The attempt to marginalize progressive bloggers as part of an angry, unwashed, irrational mob is in full swing, but truth-telling has a self-sustaining power. Bloggers will continue to cut through the fabricated storylines, providing clarity, sanity, honesty, and an abiding loyalty to the Constitution and to the principles our country is founded upon.

History will look kindly on them.

If you somehow missed this Digby post or this one from Glenn that Peter references, please click-through and read them. They are guaranteed to stick with you and make you think, and its an overall topic that I'd like to explore further -- the question of not only what are we against but what we stand up for, day in and day out.

The question of blog relationship to the media is something that Jane has been especially good at raising here at FDL, so I am giving her well-earned kudos. Peter highlights a previous post of his on the subject that was particularly fine, and it also merits further thoughts and discussion.

It seems to me that we have reached a point where things are moving up to a whole new level of discourse among progressives around the blogoverse. The question is: what direction do we take things from here? Now that is a question worth pondering, isn't it?

Now I'm cracking the whip on myself -- let's get to work.

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.

(Photo credit to Fbarbagallo. This is just a beautiful moment captured on film, isn't it?)