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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Earth to GOP Pundits: STFU

Guess the Chewbacca Defense Squad can take a vacation. Morons.

Oh, and in case you missed it: Valerie Plame Wilson was covert. As in, on the NOC list. You know, an agent whose mission is so top secret that she ought to have been protected by her own government at all costs -- instead of being outed by a White House that was more interested in bringing her agency to heel and getting even with her husband.

Nice of Newsweek to catch up to the lefty blogoverse. It's about time.

Not holding my breath for that Clifford May retraction or anything, but maybe someone could ask Victoria Toensing if she'd like to take back any of her fact-free invective and spewing?

And I see that Atrios reached the same conclusion. It's all part of the newly un-redacted Libby opinion from Judge Tatel and company. Facts, coming to a media outlet near you.

Who is going to be the first reporter to ask anew about Karl Rove's clearance and how in the hell the WH can justify him having access to classified information on a daily basis after all his admissions of talking with reporters about Wilson's wife? Talk about "the laws don't apply to this Administration." Can you say hypocrites? I thought you could.