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Monday, February 27, 2006

Monday News Round-Up

Josh Marshall has two great investigative pieces up that I wanted to be sure everyone read. The first identifies the "Pentagon official" from the MZM plea on Friday's whose son was passing details on to MZM for their contract negotiations with the DoD (via Josh's discussions with Walter Pincus). [NOTE: Oops, my error -- it was Paul Kiel, the new muckraker reporter and not Josh on this one. Thanks to reader RabbiBob for the heads up.] The second is a piece on a recent IRS political hit on an anti-DeLay group. Who says there's no revenge in politics these days? Guess you can't get away with anything any more.

Glenn has great analysis of the Specter FISA proposal.

And Laura Rozen has more dispatches from Pat Roberts hometown paper -- showing that Sen. Roberts might want to actually read his constitution and stuff.

Use birth control? You might want to think about a stockpile, just in case, if you live in a red state. FiredUpMissouri has more. (I can't help but think about Elaine and the "sponge worthy" episode of Seinfeld. Ahead of its time, that show.)

More questions on Rick Santorum's "ethics" from Attytood. Wonder if we'll ever get any answers?

Wolcott reviews "V for Vendetta" and gives it two martinis up and very dirty, in the best of ways. (Naughty boy.)

Swopa has an update on Iraq. As does Juan Cole.

Also, a story that needs wider press, they are covering depleted uranium at Skippy.

And yes, Froomkin is a gem again today, considering whither goest the lamest of ducks...and other assorted goodies -- including this gem: the WH first learned that wingnuts were pissed about the UAE deal because Dan Bartlett likes to listen to Michael Savage on the way home from work, and tuned in to the show to hear his own kind ripping the President a new one. Bet that was a fun cell phone call back to the West Wing. *snerk*

In case you missed this: the President can't ride his bike and wave hello at the same time. Makes you wonder about all those other times life threw him a curve ball, doesn't it? (Or not.)