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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A True Hero

John Amato has a fantastic article up regarding a meeting with Rep. John Murtha. I highly recommend the read.

Amato had an opportunity to talk with Jack Murtha at Arianna's home, and you walk away from this article with the feeling that Murtha truly is the real deal. Here is a man who served his nation in uniform proudly, and then suited up for public service in Congress -- never realizing he would have to do battle with a President of the United States and his crew of hatchet men to defend his own honor and the safety of the military men and women Murtha has worked so hard for over the years.
After serving our country for many decades, John Murtha has never seen an administration run quite like this one is. An administration that is so unwilling to reach across the aisle and come to some sort of a common ground. He talked about Bush 41, his knowledge of foreign policy and how his interactions with the Democrats paved the way for many fair outcomes. What surprised me was that he couldn't understand how his original words back in November struck such a chord with the American people. I told him it was not so surprising to understand. When a man is so committed and honest in his beliefs while speaking with a fire that burns from desperation many a naysayer becomes persuaded.
Go over and read the whole article. Everyone needs a little good news about a hero every now and then, and today I can send you to some great writing about the genuine article. Big kudos to Amato.

(Oh, and Froomkin rocks my world again today.)