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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Wait Is Over

Matt Stoller reports on MyDD that Joe Lieberman finally planted the knife in Obama's back this morning on Imus.
Well, on Imus this morning, Don Imus interviewed Lieberman....Imus asked Lieberman about the fight, and Lieberman alleged that it was all a big misunderstanding and that both men had were interested in getting a good bipartisan bill out of the process. He implied that both men had cleared up the misunderstanding. Imus at that point interjected that McCain stands by his letter, and Lieberman changed course. Lieberman then said that McCain stood by his letter, and Obama stood by his letter, except that Obama probably wishes he were a little clearer.

...Finally, Lieberman added that he hopes it's a one day story, on the third day of the story, on Imus. Later in the interview, he bragged about his work with McCain on some legislation. Looks like he made his choice.

Oh, and earlier in the interview, Lieberman agreed with Imus that there was "some nonsense" at Coretta Scott King's funeral.
Guess we all have a much clearer idea of where Joementum stands on speaking truth to power, now don't we?

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