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Sunday, March 12, 2006

ChiTrib Carries Team Libby's Water

Steno Sue is gonna get jealous.

Shorter Chicago Tribune:
Babs Comstock rounded up some crony peeps to talk smack about Valerie Plame Wilson. We printed it. To hell with the other side or any real facts or history.
Here's a fact they neglect to mention: in the early 1990s, a large number of CIA agents were let go due to a feeling that the Cold War was over and field agents were a good place to save some money from the defense and intel budgets.

Lots went into the private sector after this. Could Valerie Wilson have been one of them, using it as a means to establish deep cover? No freaking clue -- since it's not like CIA NOCs run around talking with anyone they can find about what they used to do for a living, how they established and maintained their cover, and with whom they used to work. (Duh!) But hey, it would have been nice had Steno John Crewdson the "investigative reporter" dug into that little tidbit even the slightest bit, wouldn't it?

Note to Crewdson -- lots of info available for the google. Start with this overview of recent CIA history from a Shorenstein Fellow at Harvard. It's pretty basic and not complete, but it is a start for ya. Then try talking with folks who put the agency first and not their political money connections.

Or how about this one: Crewdson makes a big deal about looking through a directory and finding an attorney who had Brewster-Jennings listed on his online firm resume -- and how that means anyone could find out someone was an undercover agent. didn't publicly know that Brewster-Jennings was a CIA front company until people in this Adminstration opened their yaps and announced it to the world. Helloooooo, why is this so difficult to comprehend? The outing of Valerie Plame Wilson outed her associates, too. Sure, this guy probably should have removed the Brewster reference from his resume -- unless, of course, he legitimately worked for the corporation as a private sector guy who had no ties to the CIA and, thus, would have had no idea he needed to worry about it...until this Administration opened their yaps and outed the group publicly. Call me crazy, but if I were establishing a cover company, I'd want just regular folks working for it as well to give it legitimacy.

Try reading here, here, here, here, and here instead of talking with Babs' pals, John -- it will be more helpful for your "journalism" career in the long run. (Unless, of course, your journalism career began after your stint in the College Republicans and you are hoping to move on to better punditry gigs in the future on Faux News. I'm just saying.)

Here's my big question, though: did the ChiTrib get their spin from Dennis Ross or James Woolsey or their next step away pals? Because it seems to me if you are going to be hand fed a story by Team Libby, you ought to at least look into the fact that your "anonymous sources" are on the Advisory Committee of the Scooter Libby Legal Fund beg-a-thon.

And a word to Babs Comstock and her hatchet hack cronies: if you are going to try and plant a story in the news as a means to discredit someone, try and do so using facts that aren't so easily disassembled. This must have been a hasty spin plant -- either that, or you guys are really slipping. Enjoy your Sunday.

Oh, and Larry Johnson has more on this. You just knew he would, didn't you?

(A big thank you to Eriposte at LeftCoaster for the heads up on this article, and to Steve Gilliard for the brain refresh tidbit on CIA downsizing in the early 90s.)