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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Collapse of Bush and His Dubai Deal

"This issue is going to go away like the sun's not going to come up in the morning," said Senate Minority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.). Showdown With President Likely

Terror Guy has slipped into a coma in the name of commerce.

Now he's being made to pay for his presidential misstep.

Democrats have been leading on the port issue from the start. So now there's a head-on collision brewing between the president and his rubber stamping subjects, because Republicans who control Congress have decided it's more important to take cover than it is to back the boss.

There are exceptions, of course, like Senator John McCain, who thinks we should just trust the president on the ports. Yeah, that's worked so far.

Take Rep. Peter King, who started off as an adamant opponent of the DP World deal. Then King was kicked off a congressional delegation to Iraq by the Pentagon, likely payback for him going against Bush on the port deal, so he's now "shopping around" a compromise for the president. Access is everything, baby.

"Collapse" really is the operative word on so many issues where the Republicans are involved. So while they've been kissing the king's ring, Democrats have taken the lead on national security. It has shaken the rubber stampers to their core.

There have been so many warnings, Iraq, Katrina, Hamas winning, Iran, offering nuclear rods for mangos... oh, and did I mention Iraq? But nothing has driven the complete collapse of Bush credibility more than his incompetence, weakness and out of touch view on the port deal. At the moment when the Katrina tape was revealed, the port deal just seemed like another American sell out from the Republicans. After all, they control everything, so if they wanted to stop it they could. But to do so they'd have to stand up to the boss, something the Republicans in Congress haven't done once.

Question is why did Bush box himself in so thoroughly, threatening a veto from the start? Answer: He is so out of touch with the average American that he doesn't realize what this deal means to us all. He's lost credibility with Democrats, independents and people with no political bent at all, but also with his Republican base. It's that pre-9/11 mentality Karl Rove is always accusing Democrats of demonstrating. But Democrats said from the start, we don't want no stinkin' Dubai deal.

We've been called racists, prejudice and all manner of names, when all we're trying to do is protect our country. Some of us haven't forgotten. Two of the hijackers came from the UAE, where terrorist money was laundered pre-9/11. Al Qaeda is said to have "infiltrated" the UAE. What the UAE has done post-9/11 is a great start, we need the base in Dubai, they've been partners post 9/11, but it doesn't excuse aiding Osama or the A.Q. Khan network, which has dispersed nuclear components to places like Iran. Unlike Republicans, Democrats believe some things simply aren't for sale.

The Dubai port deal is dangerous for America and the Democrats knew it from the start. Ports and homeland security have been our issue from the beginning. Bush didn't even want a Homeland Security Department. Democrats were leading on the issue right up until the moment where Joe Lieberman sold us out and homeland security became Terror Guy's territory. John Kerry talked about the reality of our homeland insecurity, with ports, railways, chemical and nuclear plant vulnerability being a real national security threat to this country, but nobody listened.

Well, even the Republicans are listening to us now.


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