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Monday, March 06, 2006

Demanding Accountability

Professor Foland has it absolutely right in the comments on the issue of lack of accountability and the Bush Administration:
Several times in the past week the question has come up: was the King badly informed, OR actually lying?

Why choose? His job is to make the right decisions.

If he runs his ship in such a way that subordinates feel free to hide things from him, and he's not asking questions to get the right information, then he's a failure in making the right decisions.

If he's getting the information and then lying about it, he's a failure at making the right decisions.

The King has failed to do his job. How exactly this came to be is of interest as an educational moment for others who come after him. But it is of no interest as a political matter.

He failed to treat Tillman with honor. He failed to make the right call on Iraq. He failed to help New Orleans. He failed to uphold the fourth amendment. He failed to keep the name of a CIA counter-proliferation agent secret.

As far as accountability is concerned, these were his calls to make, and he failed.

No OR's about it.
Just a reminder to everyone that the vote on the illegal domestic NSA surveillance will be held in the Senate Intelligence Committee tomorrow -- and it is past time the Bush Administration was held accountable for its decisions and actions. Bill Frist and his Republican leadership cronies cannot be allowed to prevail with their smarmy back-door tactics and threats.

Please take some time to contact your Senators and Representatives in the House and let them know that you expect them to do their jobs -- that Congress is vested with the responsibility of oversight, and you expect them to do it. If they will not, then come November, they can expect to be out of a job. No more rubber stamps. Period.

Glenn Greenwald has a good review of the issues involved today, and I urge you to read his piece and please contact your elected representatives. If you have time, please call in to a local talk radio broadcast or post a note on a public discussion board for news organizations -- anything to keep the fact that Republicans are trying to cheat their way out of doing their jobs to protect the Constitution in front of the public and our elected officials.

According to the Washington Times, NSA whistleblower Russell Tice has offered to testify to the committee regarding what he sees as an illegal program which specifically violates the Fourth Amendment. Let's try to give him a chance to testify. (And thanks to reader ck for the heads up on the article.)

It's time for some accountability in Washington for a change. As voters, it is our right to demand that our elected officials do their jobs -- take a few minutes to demand some accountability.

(Graphics love to Oliver Willis.) [NOTE: Although I am informed that this may have originated with Billmon. Either way, I needed this giggle this morning. And whomever was first with the genius on this, kudos.]