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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Earn It -- Don't Cheat Your Way Through

Shorter Harry's Reid, in his response to Bill Frist on Friday: "Have you no shame?"

Here is the pertinent part of Reid's response in full:

“I agree with Senator Frist, the Republican-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee has been bogged down by partisanship. The only way we can restore this important committee’s non-partisan tradition is for Leader Frist and Chairman Roberts to stop bowing to the pressure of the Bush White House and permit the committee to do its job. When faced with strong evidence that the Bush Administration has misused intelligence, misuses that have made America less secure, time and again the Senate Intelligence Committee has ducked its responsibilities and refused to hold the Administration accountable. The recent record of the Republican-controlled committee is most notable for its abdication of authority and responsibility.

“The Intelligence Committee’s meeting on March 7th presents an important credibility test for Senator Frist and Senator Roberts. If both are serious about their desire to let this committee perform its duties, Chairman Roberts will keep his word and permit the committee to conduct a vote on Senator Rockefeller’s reasonable proposal to review the Administration’s controversial domestic spying program.”
It's the accountability, stupid. Please take some time to let your Senators, your local media, the corporate media and whomever else you feel is appropriate that the Republican Leadership's attempt to cheat on behalf of George Bush is just plain wrong. That Bill Frist and Pat Roberts and the Republican leadership of the Senate, along with the Bush Administration, are trying to go back on their word.

The American public should not stand for this, because it is just plain wrong.

If the President of the United States is too scared to allow the Senate Intelligence Committee to do its job over oversight -- then all Americans deserve to know what he and the Republican leadership are trying so desperately to hide about the NSA -- from Senators, from the FISA court judges, from the American public.

What are they trying to desperately to hide about George Bush's role in authorizing the conduct in question? Why is the Bush Administration and the Republican leadership so terrified of oversight that they are willing to throw out decades of Senate tradition and the bipartisan nature of the Senate Intelligence Committee just to protect George Bush?

Bill Frist is trying to use his position to enable the Bush Administration to cheat their way around legitimate oversight. If George Bush wants people to respect his position, perhaps he ought to think about following the rules for a change instead of having everyone bend the rules to suit his needs of the moment. He's a President, not a king, and it is about time someone made that abundantly clear to him.

Note to Bushie: the rules apply to everyone, even you. And if you broke the law, the American public -- including Senators from all political stripes -- have a right to know about it. Enough with the lies and the cheating -- it's time for some accountability.

And just so ya know, Cartman is a crappy role model for Presidential behavior.

(Hat tip to dmsilev at dKos for the heads up.)