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Friday, March 10, 2006

They never know you when you get in trouble

Claude Allen

This is funny.

This was up at the Corner, as Atrios pointed out.

CLAUDE ALLEN [John Podhoretz]

I wrote a book about the Bush White House. I know the names of many people who worked in the Bush White House. I've read every story there is to read about the Bush White House. I've been a political journalist for almost a quarter century, worked in a Republican administration, and gone to many right-wing parties. So let me say this about accused thief and former White House policy bigshot Claude Allen:


Our friend Atrios posted this up as an answer

Grand Old Police Blotter

Was a bit weird when Claude Allen resigned.

Now we know:

When Claude Allen, President Bush's longtime domestic-policy adviser, resigned suddenly on Feb. 9, it baffled administration critics and fans. The White House claimed that Allen was leaving to spend more time with his family, while the Washington Times speculated that the 45-year-old aide, a noted social conservative, might have quit to protest a new Pentagon policy about military chaplains. Allen himself never publicly explained the reason for his departure.

News today may shed light on the mystery of Allen's resignation. According to the Montgomery County Police Department, Allen was arrested yesterday and charged in a felony theft and a felony theft scheme. According to a department press release, Allen conducted approximately 25 fraudulent "refunds" in Target and Hecht's stores in Maryland. On Jan. 2, a Target employee apprehended Allen after observing him receive a refund for merchandise he had not purchased. Target then contacted the Montgomery County Police. According to a source familiar with the case, Target and the police had been observing Allen since October 2005.

Allen is charged with practicing a form of shoplifting called "refund fraud."
Working in the White House causes stress.

Being a Black Republican wingnut must cause even more stress.

The two together must cause some kind of psychotic break.

Now, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but you can see the vapor trails as the GOP runs away from this guy. The right blogosphere is pretending that they don't know who President Bush's chief domestic advisor and former federal judgeship nominee is because, well he's lost his mind.

And like all black servants of the GOP, well, he's just become disposable. No think tank job for him.

According to Think Progress, he made $161,000 a year, just like Karl Rove. Anyone know him?