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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Donate Airline Mileage to Help Tsunami Victims

Feeling a little cash strapped and still want to help? Got airline miles kicking around? You can donate airline mileage to The Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, OxFam, Unicef and others through links provided below.

C'mon. You know they're only going to expire.

Continental Airlines: Accepts donations for American Red Cross, AmeriCares, Careforce and Healing the Children. They make it really easy, you just log in and donate.

Delta: Accepts donations for The United Way and CARE. They have an automated telephone system you an call, at 1-800-325-3999. You can also email them here. You need to include your SkyMiles account number, the amount of mileage you wish to donate, and the name of the organization you want to receive your donation.

Northwest Airlines: You can donate your WorldPerks miles to the Red Cross, AmeriCares, Habitat for Humanity, OxFam and Unicef by contacting Northwest directly at 1-800-327-2881. Minimum donation is 5000 miles.

United Airlines accepts donations to the Red Cross. To donate, call Mileage Plus Customer Service at 1-800-421-4655.

Asia Miles Cathay Pacific will let you contribute your miles to Unicef. Click on the link and download a donation form. Minimum donation is 10,000 miles.

American Airlines allow you to donate AAdvantage miles to provide transportation for children who require medical treatment. You can donate online or call Customer Service at 1-800-421-0600.

Thai Air will let you donate Royal Orchid Plus miles to be used to provide travel and transportation of medical personnel, equipment and medicine for Tsunami victims through the Thai Red Cross and others organizations. You can donate by fax, letter, or email them here. Minimum donation is 10,000 miles.

America West lets you login on their web site and donate directly to the Red Cross for transportation of disaster relief workers. Minimum donation 5000 miles.

Capital One will allow you to donate a minimum of 10,000 miles to a variety of organizations, and I believe the Red Cross is one of them. You can login to their website as a member for more information.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines allows donations to the Red Cross and others. You can login on their site and donate easily online.

If you know of any other programs accepting mileage donations for tsunami victims, please email me and I will post them. MSNBC today said the death toll is likely to double from disease in the near future, so please spread the word -- this is a way to contribute that many people haven't thought of.

You can also check out The Mileage Workshop, a site that lists various programs that let you earn free airline mileage for everything from singing up at web sites to taking online surveys. I don't know how long it would take the mileage to post, but if you're a few miles shy of a minimum donation it might put you over the top.