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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Biggest Loss of 2004: TechTV and The Screensavers

Those witless mongoloids over at Comcast paid $300 million for Paul Allen's Tech TV and proceeded to dismantle the most interesting network on television by jamming a joystick up its ass and folding it into the utterly worthless G4 gaming network, turning it into a 24 hour marathon of masturbatory Playstation arcana. In the process, they gutted my favorite show, the peerless Screensavers, firing the eminently articulate, talented and qualified duo of Patrick Norton and Leo LaPorte in a blatant act of ageism and replacing them with a pair of modestly trained chimpanzees. (No offense meant to Kevin Rose, 'cos THAT didn't last long, did it?) A show that introduced me to Michio Kaku and had Eno demonstrating his 10,000 year clock, that told me about Serial Experiments: Lain and made my life richer on a daily basis by helping me to understand the highly technical political frontiers where our future is being determined was in one blinding flash dumbed down to the level of rodent feces. Paul Allen, wherever you are, you must find these two and put them back on the air. Somewhere. The universe will forgive you your karmic burden.