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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Fox News Thinks Roemer Would Be Nifty DNC Chair

According to Fox News chief political correspondent Carl Cameron, the DNC is "made up largely of liberal activists," and he gives the inside track for Chairmanship to Howard Dean, "who emerged as a champion of the angry liberal left."

Cameron has a history of showing deep concern for the Democratic Party, which he demonstrated during the last election by completely fabricating a story about John Kerry, for which he was neither investigated nor, obviously, fired. Cameron warns that nominating Dean could hurt the party:
[I]nsiders say Dean probably has an edge for chairman. But Democratic officials tell FOX News that should Dean become chairman, some conservative Democrats, particularly in the South, will bolt the party -- losses that a minority can ill afford.
According to Media Matters, Cameron has praise for none of the candidates save Tim Roemer, "a pro-life moderate who many Democrats say might better court centrist swing voters."

And why does Cameron feel the need to weigh in on the head of the DNC? Well, it seems to stem from a concern that those angry liberal Democrats are adopting a "stonewall strategy" on Social Security piratization. Not because they think Bush's plan would be bad for the country; no, that would be giving them credit for some sort of moral barometer. Rather, the Democrats are just being belligerent for the pure mean spirited hell of it: "Hoping to re-energize a party demoralized by John Kerry's defeat, Democrats plan confrontation."

Sounds like Roger Ailes and Co. are campaigning to help Bush get a little more traction on piratization from the Dems by shilling for a more conservative chair. Typical wingnut scare campaign: Terror!!! Fear!!! THE SOUTH MAY BOLT!!!"

So Fox thinks Roemer would make a great DNC chair. I could just pretend that I didn't have an opinion on the subject until now and say "well that does it for me," but I already thought it was a crap idea.