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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Guest Octogenarian Blogger: My Uncle Dee


I have been reading some of your blogs and if I had the energy I would start one of my own on Bush's program of "No Child Left Behind." It has been a failure from the word go and the newly appointed Secretary of Education [Margaret Spellings] was the chief architect of the program in Texas.  We are discovering daily that many schools are cheating on the tests because their financing is affected greatly by the test results.  One of the biggest scandals in Texas came about because of cheating in Houston schools when the past Secretary of Education [Roderick Paige] was superintendent there.  There are many on going investigations still in progress and teachers who want to report it cannot get immunity from retaliation from their principals if they report the school. Some day I will  investigate the demise of the New York State's attempt to use a state mandated test for a requirement for graduation.  Time for sleep for an old man.  Love to all. 

- Dee

(My Uncle Harold Douglas Murphy is a retired Professor of Counseling who specialized in research and testing at Texas A&M University - Commerce, so he knows what he is talking about. He is also quite feisty. It is a family trait.)