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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Hell Freezes Over

The Shrub inexplicably and highly uncharacteristically popped out in a public forum this week and sort of (for him) admitted that he has indeed been something of a deranged arrogant petulant misguided jackass in the past. (Well, okay, that's MY interpretation of what he said; I think *his* actual characterization of some of his previous inane pronouncements was some sort of vague "misgivings" about "unintended consequences" of his "tough talk". What, pray tell, is "unintended" about incendiary words which accomplish EXACTLY what you intended them to?)

Why do I feel that he is trying to throw us an inconsequential and meaningless bone in an attempt to lull us into thinking heis mellowing -- just in time to ram through some of the most destructive fiscal and social legislative plans that have ever been conceived?

The sad part is, it will probably work like a charm.