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Friday, January 07, 2005

Shameless Plug for Blog Award

I'm up for the Middle-Class Punk Rock Slummer Anti-Award on Feministe, which I think I stand a good chance of winning because the first person to nominate themselves wins, and I have just appointed myself head of the nominating committee. (Kind of like Dick Cheney being the head of the committee to choose a Vice Presidential candidate in 2000, you know?) Anyway, I think I deserve it because my sole qualification for writing this blog in the first place is a lifetime of punk rock slackerdom and the fact that I'm educated way past my intelligence (as my father used to say). In addition, as a veteran of Jello Biafra's mayoral campaign in San Francisco I know a thing or two about doomed Quixotic political endeavors. So cross your fingers for me, and check out the Feministe site, they're pretty cool.