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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Staples Gives Shove to Sinclair

Concluding that their business interests lie with people who can actually read, Staples has announced that they have withdrawn their advertising from Sinclair Broadcasting's right wing propaganda-spewing local news shows. Sinclair, if you'll recall, is the largest single owner/operator of television stations in the US -- the same people who tried to broadcast "Stolen Honor," the two-hour anti-John Kerry film the week before the election and pass it off as "news" (stopped by bloggers) and who also wouldn't allow the airing of the Nightline episode where names of American soldiers killed in Iraq were read, saying "we do not believe political statements should be disguised as news content." Thanks to pressure from customer protests generated in the blogosphere and led by Media Matters and, Staples announced that they would "no longer be airing advertising on any Sinclair station's local news programs as of January 10, 2005."

This is huge. It's not going to sit well with Sinclair stockholders, and it puts pressure on other advertisers to do the same. Next on the list? Kraft, Target, Geico, Sprint and McDonald's. Also, drop Staples a line, and let 'em know you support their decision.

Bloggers-2, Sinclair-0.