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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Because You Can Never Get Enough of Gannon's Cannon

the GOP weeps for his pain

Well, the dittoheads are all up in arms this morning about the hypocrisy of the left for "exposing" Jeff Gannon. How you can expose someone who's offering their sexual services online themselves is beyond me, but we won't go there. Tom McGuire writes a pretty incoherent wrap-up of the dittohead position re Gannon, but he gets the imprimature of Glen Reynolds over at Instapundit so it must represent some sort of right-wing blogosphere canon. For the good guys in the white hats, SZ at World O'Crap does a witty and comprehensive job of deconstructing such arguments as McGuire makes. But I thought one of her readers summed up the whole knee-jerk Bush apologist position pretty succinctly in the comments section:
Just so we're all clear on this: Outing a fake White House reporter as a gay prostitute: Gross Miscarriage of Justice. Outing a covert CIA operative for petty political revenge: Bitch Had it Coming. -- Sour Kraut
I can add nothing to that.

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