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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Hey, How About Those Activist Judges?

In what would seem to be a big reversal of tune, considering all the crowing that Citizen Fathead and his ilk have done in the past against "activist judges," right wingers are applauding the decision of state Circuit Judge George Greer who ruled on Friday that the family of Terry Schiavo had another three weeks to convince a higher court to hear their case.

Poor Terry Schiavo. Just for the record, if I ever wind up in that state, pull the tubes, baby, 'cos I'm done. I'm off to whatever is next on the cosmic agenda for Jane, and I don't want to be a political nerf ball for the likes of Jeb Bush who thoughtfully jammed through legislation in 2003 (that was later ruled unconstitutional) which authorized the resumption of Terry's feeding six days after it had been stopped and everyone thought the long hard battle was over.

I don't know what happened, I don't know what her relationship was with her husband. And I can understand when her parents look at her they want to see somebody who has the potential to get better. I dread the day when I might have to make that kind of decision about someone in my family, or one of my dogs. I sincerely hope that at that time I can put aside my own needs to have them around and consider what's best for them. And weighing the limited evidence available to me, all I can say is that if I was in her shoes, 15 years is long enough. It's not going to get any better. And turning her brain dead body over to her parents and the fundies so they can use her as a poster girl for the Triumph of the Right is pretty heartless, if you ask me.

And the photo? Well, I found one where she looked happy and pretty. The way I'd want to be remembered. It speaks volumes to me that the people who are trying to keep her alive are spreading the airwaves with pictures of her in that no woman would ever want to have disseminated. I just don't think these people have any concept of life with dignity.