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Friday, February 11, 2005

How To Start a Blog

Internetslacker tells you how to start your very own blog in fifty-one easy steps. Excerpt:

- Complete your first post.

- Experience a fleeting sense of satisfaction that you now have a blog with an actual entry, even though it details your sexual attraction to Yoda.

- Immediately phone all your friends and family to tell them the URL. Remind your grandmother that 'stiffwoodysdiary'in your blog's address is spelled "all one word".

- Reload your blog incessantly every two minutes to see if anyone has made a comment.

- Become enraged when the very first comment made on your very first blog entry is "yuo are teh sUxx0r!" from Anonymous

- Go outdoors to calm down and get some fresh air, since you've spent twenty-two hours now working on your blog.

- Tell every person you encounter - jogger, police officer, frantic paramedic - your blog's URL.

- Head back home when an idea for a blog entry comes to mind, such as the rudeness of paramedics who can't be bothered to talk about your blog because they are busy helping some whiner with pitbull bite wounds on his throat.

- When back at your computer, immediately refresh your blog's page to see if any more comments were made while you were gone.

- Grip the edge of your computer desk when the second comment reads "I said yuo are teh sUxx0r!" by Anonymous

Pretty much nails it.