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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Bill Frist Backing Away from SS Piratization?

wary of anything supported by Bill Frist

Senate Majority Leader Bill "I Got Your Back, George!" Frist is saying today that the plan to,, what are they calling it this week? I think it's the kinder, gentler security may be off the table this year.

The WaPo is reporting that the support for the plan by GOP lawmakers is weakening after they returned to Washington from a week at home meeting with constituents. I guess it wasn't all yellow ribbons and Champale:
Frist's comments came as lawmakers returned from a week-long break during which many held town meetings to discuss the president's Social Security plan. Some Republicans were shocked by the intensity of opposition expressed, while many Democrats seemed emboldened by the reaction.
So what does it mean for the Repugs if they can't jam it through this year? Well, if they push it to 2006, an election year, it could make things mighty prickly for their incumbents. And beyond that even more difficult, with Bush as a lame duck and everyone jockeying for position in a new Presidential race.

That master of understatement, Ol' Hard Hat Harry Reid, notes that the public forums have "proven that the president's message is not selling."

In between killing cats, future presidential hopeful Dr. Frist might also well be advised to take a moment off from smiling at inappropriate moments and consider the political ramifications of continued support for the program. Oh, wait...maybe he already has.

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